Aagile Development

In a world where innovation comes as standard, businesses can’t stand still. In order to hold an edge on competitors or close the gap on those who have stolen a march on you, it is essential to stay ahead of the game: no-one can afford to hang around when it comes to innovating through the use of technology. .

As a consequence of this continual need to move quickly and adapt to new requirements or challenges, Agile Development is fast becoming the preferred approach for software development. Unlike other methodologies that adopt a more linear approach, such as Waterfall, Agile Development is an iterative process that places the needs of the business at the centre, cultivating a more collaborative process between the development team and business stakeholders.

The Agile Development process breaks down features, defects and enhancements, estimates their effort and then assigns them to a release (each release can be viewed as a mini project.) Each release has a deadline, which can vary in length but will typically be every two weeks. By breaking down large initiatives into smaller releases, priorities can be easily managed and changed as needed. With a new release of the software going into production on a regular basis, clients will be able to see constant value, as applications are continually improved to support the business at the point of need: an important benefit for your organisation

At elegansys we have significant experience in Agile Development across numerous industries, partnering with companies as a provider of Extended Software Development Teams since 2008. In this time we have worked in SCRUM methodology; although it is important to note that these methodologies are not prescriptive and organisations adapt, borrow and mix these methodologies to suit their personal needs. Consequently, our exposure to these approaches and the combinations has allowed us to become highly adaptive, with the ability to adopt your particular methodology quickly and productively.

If you would like to talk to us about our experience with Agile Development in your industry, or to engage with elegansys for Agile Development approach, please contact us on +91 9495 922825

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