Business Solutions

  • elegansys works with innovative companies looking to maximize the efficiency of their business processes. Using the latest software development best practices and cutting edge technology, we can create a custom business solution that sets your organization apart.

Custom Solutions

Our software development team has 10+ years of experience providing unmatched solutions for our clients. Whether your problem is big or small, we have the industry experience and technical capabilities you need to take your company into the 21st century and beyond!

Enterprise Resource Planning



Health, Education, Hospitality

Having the right information—at the right time—is essential to running a successful business. elegansys provides business analytics solutions that are specific to your industry and will help you gain the insights you need to make smarter decisions. elegansys software features built-in business intelligence solutions that make it easier to establish financial and operational targets, visualize results, and help everyone in your organization understand their impact. Easy-to-use dashboards,charts, and reports can help you improve operations, provide greater service, and drive growth.

Building new customer relationships is important, but retaining customers is more cost-effective and profitable. elegansys CRM solutions can help you with both. Improve your customer relationships with tools to manage contacts, leads, opportunities, marketing campaigns, sales orders, and more. Share data with everyone who interacts with your customers to provide a unified experience at every customer touchpoint. When you focus on knowing your customers—both current and prospective—you can improve your relationships and provide the best customer experience in the market.


A business doesn’t grow by getting new clients; the real growth lies when you get new clients and keeps the old ones happy. Your business is different, so are your customers and such should be your CRM. We design a CRM that suits you and your clients, with no complexities involved. Our focus is on building a solution that delights you, and brings your customer loyalty.

elegansys offers software as a service (SaaS) in the cloud, letting you focus on core growth initiatives instead of IT. Achieve lower cost of ownership, faster time to value, and consistent access to data from any device—anywhere in the world. Reap the benefits of cloud ERP with software and services that meet or exceed industry standards, including:

AWS & Windows Azure

Speed is the driving force of any technology, and when it comes with cost benefits it’s a golden line of a rainbow – AWS brings your just that. With Amazon Web Services we seamlessly integrate your business operation technologies by configuring multiple applications you use into a single data source with cloud integration. This not only saves you the headache of server maintenance and backups, but ensure anytime anywhere access and real-time updates.